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Gaidelis & Company is a local Vancouver accounting firm dedicated to providing professional general accounting and tax services to local small & medium sized businesses. We have gained long lasting relationships and built a network of trust with many local companies. Throughout our professional lives, we have served a wide variety of small business accounting needs. However, in recent years we have decided to shift our focus towards being one of Vancouver’s “go to” tax accountants. Staying up to date on recent developments in the field takes time and focus, but allows us to provide exceptionally knowledgeable and informed tax accounting advice to our clients.

Dedicated Vancouver Tax Accountant Services

Staying up to date on the latest local tax regulations allows to provide exceptionally knowledgeable and professional tax accounting services. This includes items such as:

  • Income tax consulting
  • Corporate tax preparation
  • Income structuring advice
  • Tax slip and form preparation
  • Year-end tax audits and compliance reports
  • Tax planning
  • Personal tax preparation and consultation

General Small Business Accounting Services

We are a CPA firm and have been serving a diverse range of local Vancouver companies for over four years. Throughout this time we have worked with start-ups and multi-million dollar corporations. Along the way we gained a variety of skills and acquired in-depth professional accounting knowledge. All of this allows us to cover most general small business accounting needs, which includes:

  • Trust reports
  • Compilation engagements
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Business start-up consulting
  • Budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis
  • Professional bookkeeping services

For further details on any of services please send us a message using our contact form.

Dedicated to Building Long Lasting Relationships

In every relationship, we encourage an intimate understanding of our clients’ aspirations. We deliver individual, timely attention providing service with integrity and technical excellence. We not only help you deal with immediate issues but offer ongoing assistance to become an extension of your decision making team.

Fixed Value Packages

Here at Gaidelis & Company we believe that fees should match the value of services with measurable results. Regardless of the size of your personal or business goals, we offer reliable financial advice with extraordinary customer service. From personal tax returns to complex strategic business plans, we customize our Fixed Value Packages to add certainty and peace of mind to your budget concerns. One straightforward price agreement without any surprises along the way.

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Gaidelis and Company supports green, sustainable initiatives. We are a paperless office and prefer receiving and delivering documents in electronic format.