About Us

Gaidelis & Company is a Chartered Professional Accounting firm. We provide accounting and tax services. Our mission is to build trusted, valued partnerships by offering professional, proactive advice and customer service excellence.

We are keenly interested in knowing what your next major transaction is going to be and would like to advise you on available options and pitfalls to watch out for. Responsive and reliable, we return our calls and do as we say.

We are here to help you successfully navigate towards your goals, whatever they might be, as your indispensable advisor.

Instead of adopting the “the meter is ticking” style, we foster a truly approachable environment. We will visit your business location, listen and learn, then help you develop an optimal plan to align with your business and personal goals.

We have structured our business in a way that promotes unlimited interaction with our clients. We can set up a meeting to thoroughly discuss your current situation. Or give us a quick call if you need advice verifying a technical aspect of an issue before making a critical decision.

Gaidelis and Company supports green, sustainable initiatives. We are a paperless office and prefer receiving and delivering documents in electronic format.